“CHAMÉ Crystal Collagen”, a high quality collagen consisting of 3 strains originated from Japan.

01 September 2020

Charming World Company International Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of health and beauty products under the brand “CHAMÉ”, introduces the new innovative product “CHAMÉ Crystal Collagen” (CHAMÉ Krystal Collagen), pure collagen in the form of sachets. With a selection of 3 high quality collagen strains from Japan Collagen Peptides Type II extracted from chicken breast, Collagen Dipeptide and Collagen Tripeptide from freshwater fish, suitable for all genders over the age of 30, especially for those who want to nourish their bones, joints, hair, nails and skin, etc.

For those who are interested in “CHAMÉ Crystal Collagen”, there are 2 types available:

1. 30 sachets in a can, price THB 890.-, available through all channels such as Modern Trade, Traditional Trade, TV Shopping (On Air Channel), E-Commerce (Online Channel) and CHAMÉ dealers nationwide.

2. A box containing 6 sachets, price THB 210.-, (35 baht per sachet), retail in a single sachet. Available through Modern Trade and Convenience Store groups including CJ Express, TOPS Daily and eXta drugs and supplement stores found in every 7-Eleven branch.

For more information :

Line : @CHAMETHAILAND (https://bit.ly/2IyfERU ) and INBOX CHAME’ THAILAND