“CHAMÉ Crystal Collagen” Pure Collagen Innovation, a new alternative! Consisting of 3 strains of collagen originated from Japan.

28 August 2020

Ms.Nanthanicha Siripredawat, a chief executive officer of Charming World Company International Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of health and beauty products under the brand “CHAMÉ”, revealed that the supplement market in the second half of the year has a strong growth trend. In particular, health and beauty supplements also have consumer groups who started to pay more attention to their health. This trend is visible from the company’s sales that have continued to grow. In both channels including the group of brand’s online dealers and modern trade.

Recently, the company launched the innovative “CHAMÉ Krystal Collagen” A pure collagen in the form of sachets into the dietary supplements market. Its target groups are men and women aged 30 years and over who want to maintain their good health conditions, and also care for family members’ to maintain their good health. The CHAMÉ Crystal Collagen has a distinctive feature that consists of 3 collagen strains originated from Japan including the Collagen Peptides Type II extracted from chicken breasts, the Collagen Dipeptide, and the Collagen Tripeptide from freshwater fish.

“CHAMÉ Krystal Collagen” has distinctive strengths that combine 3 strains of collagen originated from Japan. Collagen Peptides Type II extracted from chicken breasts, Collagen Dipeptide, and Collagen Tripeptide from freshwater fish. Which are the collagen types that increase the level of hyaluronic acid, contains essential proteins for body growth, and also helps repair the wear and tear of the body tissues and cells. It comes with all 20 types of essential amino acids the body needs which are in small molecules and has a quick absorption rate. After entering the body, they will get to work by stimulating cells of bones and joints.

It also helps to build collagen, elastin and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid in the body, which will certainly meet the health needs in the bones, joints, hair, nails and skin. It is also high in vitamin C which helps strengthen the body’s immune system. A fat free formula with no sugar added, no coloring, no flavoring, no preservatives added, no fishy smell, and most importantly, people who are allergic to seafood can also take at zero risk. It is suitable for everyone. The taking direction is 1-2 sachets per day, 1 sachet content stirred well with drinking water, both hot and cold, or it can be any beverages such as tea, milk, coffee, and fruit juice of all kinds. Also, it can be mixed with food such as soup and salad dressing without changing the flavor.

The current situation of the market for health and beauty food supplements in Thailand, data quoted from the Euromonitor International, estimated that the market value in 2020 is more than THB 20 billion, which in the past year has been growing steadily every year, average 5-6% per year.

“The company has invested in marketing, advertising and public relations by focusing on all communication channels, both online and offline. Along with print media, television media, and online media through various websites such as OOH media, shop media, etc. Where our marketing principle is to focus on creativity and creating awareness in the target group audience and continuously working in conjunction with various marketing activities in every direction, both above the line and below the line. As well as participating in various talk shows such as Shaee (Channel 25), Today Show (Channel 33), Tom Yam Amarin ( Channel 34), and various Talk Shows such as Kui Zap show (Channel 31), Strong Woman news sharing program (Channel 32), etc. Along with organizing promotional activities such as a distribution of sampling products through participating in various activities held by the company itself, including widen and expanding the distribution channels even further. We are looking forward to a continuous growth, as we are ready to evenly distribute our products through every channel possible, and the company strongly believes that it will receive good feedback from consumers.

For those who are interested in “CHAMÉ Krystal Collagen”, they are available in 2 types :

1. A can which contains 30 sachets with a concentrated total collagen quantity of 150,000 mg. Normal price is at THB 890.- per can. The distribution channels consist of Modern Trade, Traditional Trade, TV Shopping (On Air Channel), E-Commerce (Online Channel) and CHAMÉ dealers nationwide.

2. A box which contains 6 sachets with a concentrated total collagen quantity of 30,000 mg. Normal price is at THB 210.- per box (THB 35.- per sachet), also available retail in a single sachet. Now available through Modern Trade, Convenience Store groups including CJ Express, TOPS Daily and eXta drugs and supplement stores found in every 7-Eleven branch.

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