Overly unexpected! “CHAMÉ” introduces “Black Pink” to hold their exclusive concert in Thailand this July.

26 July 2019

It is considered a project that has created a sensation in the industry when CHAMÉ, a brand of health and beauty food supplements, cosmetics and skincare of the new generation in Thailand, stepped in to support the concert of a famous Korean girl group which is beloved by people all over the world like “BLACKPINK”. The popularity of the four members namely Suu Kyi, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa has even set a popularity record in social media. BLACKPINK even goes further as they set a new record with their new music video “Kill This Love” which has accumulated 56.7 million views in the first 24 hours after release online and the song reached the number one spot on the iTunes music chart in 37 countries.

In addition, no matter where their concert tour was held, the girl group has always received overwhelming attention. Especially in Thailand, the concert tickets were sold out in a matter of minutes.

For this reason, when the four members of “BLACKPINK” from the “YG ENTERTAINMENT” music label company organized “The 2019 World Tour BlackPink In Your Area Bangkok : Encore” in Thailand on 12th - 14th July, CHAMÉ has successfully acquired an official sponsor rights for the girl group “BLACKPINK”, which is something very very difficult to get an approval by the Korean music label company board. Because there are many many famous brands of consumer products that are more than financially ready to invest funds to support “BLACKPINK’s” concert. Still, in the end, CHAMÉ has become one of the official sponsors of the girl group concert event held in Thailand. Regarding this matter, Ms.Nanthanicha Siripredawat, an executive chairman of Charming World Company International Ltd. has said, quoted “In order to become a sponsor of the “BLACKPINK” concert, the company must go through a number of steps. Because every nominated sponsor name will be sent to Korea for the board to consider, especially in matters of credibility of that brand, which CHAMÉ has passed the test. Even though CHAMÉ brand is only 9 years old, where the CHAMÉ brand is considered a new face to enter the Korean’s music industry sponsorship. As people may have heard, the Korean board conditions and limitations are not an easy test for any brands. Still, we have proven that CHAMÉ brand really is a trustworthy brand, and has all that required with the likes of a transparent business model, an obvious target group and markets, and a lot of customers’ recognition. In addition, CHAMÉ is a symbol of a charming woman, where the brand symbolic principle perfectly meets with all four “BLACKPINK” members, as they are all beautiful and charming women who are overly admired and loved by a lot of people. Resulting in the successful deal when the brand proposed to be the girl group concert event’s official sponsor. CHAMÉ brand decided to bring “CHAMÉ Collagen Plus” up in the spotlight as a sponsoring product for the concert event. Also, CHAMÉ will have a “BLACKPINK” concert event tickets giving away activity exclusively for certain brands sponsoring customers. The details regarding the organizing of the said activities along with the distribution of the concert event tickets can be found in any CHAMÉ brand contact channels “CHAMETHAILAND” In addition, we will hold a press conference on the debut of “CHAMÉ Collagen Plus” presenter, who is the number 1 superstar in Thailand on 28th June. Moreover, there will definitely be even more surprises up our sleeves for everyone attending.”