“CHAMÉ” released two new commercial ads and also introduced “Cheer-Thikamporn” to boost sales.

26 July 2019

“CHAMÉ” is one of the leading brands in health and beauty supplement products. Whereas the brand is about to release a sincere advertisement as an introduction of the brand’s product “CHAMÉ Sye S Plus” A diet supplement intended for maintaining good body shape, which has received great feedback from consumers. The company’s board feels confident that this year we have set a target for twice the growth rate than the year before, hoping to expand the company’s product to the new target group of customers. With a 360-degree marketing principle and a marketing budget of nearly THB 100 million.

Ms.Nanthanicha Siripredawat, an executive chairman of Charming World Company International Co., Ltd., A manufacturer and distributor of health and beauty products under the brand “CHAMÉ”, revealed the company’s best selling product marketing strategy guaranteed by the winning of “WATSONS HWB AWARDS” for 3 years in a row with “CHAMÉ Sye S Plus” Which is a diet supplement product. Along with a 360-degree marketing principle in order to reach the target group of people who want to maintain good body shape, keep fit and firm. The company also released 2 consecutive commercial ads, starring “Cheer-Thikamporn”, a famous Thai actress.

In the first phase, it will start with the release of viral video clips. Under the concept “Be sincere with consumers” with “Cheer-Thikamporn Ritthaapinan” A famous Thai actress in a leading role, who is currently working in two Thai drama series named “Pom Rak Sa-lub Hua Jai” and “Club Friday”, both of which is currently broadcasting. The company believes that after releasing both “Please, Stop!” and “Make a Wish!”, these two viral clips will no doubt catch a lot of attention from many audiences. Also, it will help boost the sales of “CHAMÉ Sye S Plus” to have an exponential growth on the chart. This is the first time for the company to make viral video clips to advertise its products. The “CHAMÉ Sye S Plus”, after years of product launch into the market, has always received a good response from customers. Therefore, CHAMÉ decided to make this series of commercials video clips to tell the story of all the problems and difficulties, for those who have problems with maintaining good body shape and people who seriously want to lose weight. The company decided to tell the story in a series of funny presentation commercial video clips, in order to help audiences smile. The famous actress “Cheer-Thikamporn”, who was already a presenter of this product even before the making of this commercial video clips project, admits that as she normally being playful and a funny woman. The final commercial video clips turn out to be very cute and playful which certainly create a smile on the audience’s face. Meanwhile, according to this project’s principle concept, sincerely provide information about the product for customers.

As for “Cheer-Thikamporn” revealed about this project, quoted “It was a very enjoyable time to work on this project. It may be because I am already familiar with the product “CHAMÉ Sye S Plus”, it encourages me to give away my personal experience I had with the product in those two commercial video clips. Because it is a story of people who have problems with one’s own weight and how to acquire good body shape. Both these ads will be conveyed sincerely to people who want to lose weight for how “CHAMÉ Sye S Plus” will be a crucial part in aiding them to finally find satisfactory results. Also, we would like everyone to try and watch both the commercials video clips available today via CHAMÉ online channel or click on the following link, https://th-th.facebook.com/pg/chamethailandofficial